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Janesville, Wisconsin

Mission, Values & Goals

Mission Statement 

The Children’s Museum of Rock County (CMRC) is dedicated to helping families grow through play. It is a place where children, their families and community are encouraged to experience the joy of learning through play in their environment and beyond.


  • Play is the process by which children learn
  • Play reflects the needs of children (cognitive, social, emotional and physical)
  • Play should be engaging and fun
  • Play is ageless
  • Play is inclusive; all children, their families and community members will be welcome to visit the museum


Our primary goal is to open and operate a quality children’s museum in Rock County, WI.  A secondary goal is to offer additional programming focused on a specific topic or theme and delivered in the form of classes and/or camps.  A tertiary goal is to be a community event venue for family-friendly public events as well as private events such as birthdays, corporate/organizational gatherings and individual uses.  In carrying out our primary goal of opening and operating a quality children’s museum, our specific goals are as follows:

Promote the joy of learning through play

Play is how children receive information and learn about their surroundings.  CMRC will provide a stimulating environment where visitors can engage in multiple types of play, with a focus on open-ended play so children can be their own captains. Additionally, we will have both permanent and rotating exhibits.  This mix will keep visitors interested and encourage them to return to experience something new.  

Encourage families to engage in child-centered play together

Play between children and caregivers builds positive memories and promotes healthy relationships, encouraging the child to explore and grow.  CMRC will provide an environment for children and caregivers to play, interact with their surroundings, and engage with one another.  Exhibits and play equipment are being designed to promote adult-child interaction.  Seating will be provided in key areas and indoor playground equipment will be spacious enough to be adult-accessible.

Provide solid educational beginnings for the next generation in a safe and inclusive environment

Exhibits will encourage growth in social, emotional, cognitive, academic, and physical development in an emotionally and physically safe environment.  CMRC will follow all building codes and ADA recommendations.  Additionally, CMRC will actively work with all communities within Rock County – ethnic, racial, and special needs.

Provide a stimulating and educational venue for the community

In our current plans, exhibit space covers content areas such as gross motor, fine motor, science, technology, engineering, art, math, imaginative (dramatic) play, geography, and history for ages 0-8, with additional ability to engage 9-12 on the exhibit floor.  Rather than static “exhibits,” CMRC exhibits will be geared towards open-ended play and loose parts to allow for creativity, expression and interaction. Square footage for an indoor playground, infant crawl area, and makerspace is also designated.

There will be flexible areas where thematic activities, classes, and camps can be held.  Driven by content, we intend to be an educational field trip destination for area public schools, private schools and homeschooled students. We intend to complement our everyday offerings with a strong programming component that operates regularly on weekends throughout the year. Additionally, we envision developing programs specifically designed for school breaks (like winter and spring break) as well as summer vacation.